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April 2020 Hop Into the Sack Dare

If your bedroom could use a turn on since our world went on shutdown, April’s Dare is here to help! Spring this red-hot Easter basket Dare on your husband, and you’ll both be laughing (and panting!) as you hop into the sack!

Supplies: Basket, scarf or blindfoldHaribo Happy Hoppers Gummi CandyPeeps Hot Tamales Cinnamon Flavored Marshmallow Chicks, your husband’s favorite candy, Mini Liquid Love Warming Flavored Massage Lotion. Optional: bunny ears and tailpanties imprinted with your husband’s face and bunny ears (Yes, we found these panties on Amazon!)

Start by ordering the above supplies online (links provided) or look for them in your grocery store. Easter is on April 12, but it’s fine to do this Dare later in the month, particularly since it may take longer for online orders to arrive. Arrange the candies in the basket and present it to your husband in private. Tell him you have a special game to play with the Haribo bunny gummies.

First, cover his eyes with the scarf or blindfold. Next, undress him, and then undress yourself. Bite off the back of two or three gummies and stick them somewhere on your body. He then has to use only his hands or mouth (your choice) to find the gummies and nibble them off your body. Once he finds all the gummies, then you’ll both hop into the sack! For extra candy-flavored fun, give our Mini Liquid Love Flavored Massage Lotion a try!

Double Dare: Hide the package of Peeps Hot Tamales Marshmallow Chicks in your bedroom. Tell him you’ll give him his own personal sexy peep show if he can find the hidden package of Peeps in less than sixty seconds. You can give him “you’re getting hot” and “now you’re getting cold” clues to help with his search. You’ve never seen your guy move so fast! Once he finds the package, treat him to a sexy striptease. We put together a Hop Into the Sack Dare Spotify playlist with lots of bunny hop songs for your Peep Show!

Triple Dare: Wear bunny ears and a bunny tail attached to a thong or panties. For extra fun, order these sexy panties imprinted with your husband’s face as the Easter bunny while you do the Dare. The panties come in many colors and will be a funny surprise for your Peter Cottontail!

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