Christmas Pick Up Lines

To add to your CWIVES holiday fun, here is a list of Christmas-themed pick up lines to try out on your husband. I hope they make you laugh together because laughter is the world’s best aphrodisiac in my opinion.


  • I’ve checked it twice, and I’m sure you’re on my “naughty” list.
  • Shouldn’t you be sitting on top of the tree, Angel?
  • I see you when you`re sleeping & you don`t wear any underwear…
  • This Santa has something special in the sack for you!
  • Hey baby, when was the last time you did it in a sleigh?
  • Can I take your picture? (Why?) Because I want Santa to know exactly what I want for Christmas.
  • How about I slip down YOUR chimney, at half past midnight?
  • That’s some nice wrapping you’ve got there, but it needs a postal inspection. Good thing I work for the Post Office! And baby, can I deliver!
  • You know, I’d love to show you the toys my elves make for adults. Batteries included.
  • You are the reason why Santa even has a Naughty list.
  • I would definitely let you join in on my reindeer games.
  • What’s a nice girl/guy like you doing on my naughty list?
  • I must be a snowflake because I’ve fallen for you.
Post a comment below and share your favorite cheesy pick up line!

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  1. Bethany
    December 12, 2011

    Priceless! My husband will love these, lol.

    1. January 16, 2012

      Hello Bethany,

      I’m glad you liked the pick up lines, and I hope they made your husband laugh.


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