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Married Dance is a Christian-owned sex toy and marital aid superstore that’s run by a husband and wife team. They’ve been in business since 2012 and have helped thousands of couples add intimacy to their marriage beds.

All products are displayed nudity-free with descriptions that are marriage-centered and informative. They also include Christian-friendly and marriage-centered one-on-one email support before and after the sale of everything from product features to advice about using the item to add intimacy to your marriage bed at no additional cost.

USE THE DISCOUNT CODE “drjennifer” to receive a 10% discount on any order (excluding sale items). Can be used unlimited times.

Covenant Spice is is a husband and wife team dedicated to strengthening marriages and increasing playfulness and intimacy in your sex life. They believe God created marriage to be a lifelong passionate romance. From sex toys to Christian sex manuals to body toppings to romantic games, they have every marital aid you need to keep the sparks flying in and out of the bedroom. You will not find live models or nudity (including blurred images) on their site or on any of their product packaging. They offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee!

No More Perfect Date Night is a club for your marriage brought to you by Christian authors Jill and Mark Savage! When you join the No More Perfect Date Night community you get exclusive access to marriage experts who offer short, but power-packed content you can take in as an individual or as a couple. It’s continuing education for your marriage that will strengthen your commitment and deepen your intimacy. Try it FREE for 7 days and watch your marriage GROW!

This online video-based course by Christian author and sex educator Sheila Gregoire helps moms teach daughters about sex & puberty. It includes videos featuring “big sister” mentors (Sheila’s young adult daughters), as well as discussion questions, checklists, and mother-daughter activities. The videos START the conversations, so that you, as the mom, can continue them.

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This online video-based course by Christian author and sex educator Sheila Gregoire will teach you:

  • How what we think impacts our libido
  • How our hormones, diet and exercise impact our libido
  • How to love our bodies–so that we can enjoy them!
  • How to get over past hurts and see sex as a good thing
  • And what to do if sex is just kinda boring. Or doesn’t feel that great. Or really doesn’t rev your engines!


  • Lifetime access to the 10 “boost your libido” videos
  • 10 Brainstorming exercises to help you get over whatever is holding you back, and 10 worksheets to help you move forward in small, incremental, and practical ways–so that you see immediate results!
  • Sheila’s Boost Your Libido ebook, a collection of the best information on how to boost your libido, as found at To Love, Honor and Vacuum.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can talk about these issues!

Do you feel called to speak? In this jam-packed practical course, Christian author and speaker Sheila Gregoire will show you how to:

  • Discover your message
  • Craft a PERFECT talk that will change lives
  • Glean those first precious bookings
  • Speak with professionalism and polish
  • Generate word of mouth
  • Decide how much to charge
  • Grow your ministry

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